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Explore our collection of exquisite fragrances, a captivating olfactory symphony for every occasion. Sophisticated fragrances with floral, fruity and woody notes, our selection transports you into a sensory world where elegance and seduction intertwine.


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PERFUME | Cute SinPERFUME | Cute Sin
PERFUME | Cute Sin Sale price29,90€
Perfume | AychaaPerfume | Aychaa
Perfume | Aychaa Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Bakara SupremePERFUME | Bakara Supreme
PERFUME | Bakara Supreme Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Black RomancePERFUME | Black Romance
PERFUME | Black Romance Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Intense WoodPERFUME | Intense Wood
PERFUME | Intense Wood Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Mula SecretPERFUME | Mula Secret
PERFUME | Mula Secret Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Carpe DiemPERFUME | Carpe Diem
PERFUME | Carpe Diem Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Night GrayPERFUME | Night Gray
PERFUME | Night Gray Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | NearbyPERFUME | Nearby
PERFUME | Nearby Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Pi InfinitePERFUME | Pi Infinite
PERFUME | Pi Infinite Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Supreme GlamorPERFUME | Supreme Glamor
PERFUME | Supreme Glamor Sale price29,90€
PERFUME | Vanilla RadiancePERFUME | Vanilla Radiance
PERFUME | Vanilla Radiance Sale price29,90€
Perfumed Mist | Cypress WavesPerfumed Mist | Cypress Waves
Perfumed Mist | Amazing RedPerfumed Mist | Amazing Red
Perfumed Mist | Amazing Red Sale price15,95€
Perfumed Mist | Bliss BouquetPerfumed Mist | Bliss Bouquet
Perfumed Mist | Blooming PetalsPerfumed Mist | Blooming Petals
Perfumed Mist | Garden CosmosPerfumed Mist | Garden Cosmos
Perfumed Mist | Delicate OasisPerfumed Mist | Delicate Oasis
Perfumed Mist | Fairy PartyPerfumed Mist | Fairy Party
Perfumed Mist | Fairy Party Sale price15,95€
Perfumed Mist | Forbidden HarmonyPerfumed Mist | Forbidden Harmony
Perfumed Mist | Mystery SeductionPerfumed Mist | Mystery Seduction
Perfumed Mist | Oud ElixirPerfumed Mist | Oud Elixir
Perfumed Mist | Oud Elixir Sale price15,95€
Perfumed Mist | Lovely DreamPerfumed Mist | Lovely Dream
Perfumed Mist | Lovely Dream Sale price15,95€
Perfumed Mist | Light HeartedPerfumed Mist | Light Hearted