Who are we ?

Qui sommes nous ?

The birth

In 1993, in a modest Parisian premises, Gallantry was born, a brand shaped by an unwavering desire to create a memorable impact in the world of fashion. Driven by a devouring passion, she was committed from the beginning to drawing her own designs, to breaking established conventions and to exploring new creative territories. Over the seasons, Gallantry improved, refining its identity and focusing exclusively on non-leather leather goods. This audacious challenge of combining creativity with exceptional know-how became the common thread, bringing together fashion and practicality with elegance.

The Bag as Manifesto

At the heart of Gallantry's evolution, the bag emerged as a powerful symbol. Much more than a simple accessory, it became the standard-bearer of the brand's deep commitment to personal development and continuous improvement. Every detail, every stitch, was meticulously crafted to reflect the never-ending quest for perfection. Sensitive to the demands of its customers, Gallantry continually questioned its achievements, seeking to elevate each product to new heights. Thus, the bag became the tangible reflection of the union between aesthetics and intelligent functionality.

Constant Evolution towards perfection

Since the start of the new millennium, Gallantry has continued its rise, writing a captivating story of innovation, elegance and sensitivity to personal development. Each collection was an invitation to push boundaries, explore new creative avenues and redefine the standards of contemporary leather goods. Today, the brand remains a pillar of style, offering its customers an experience where fashion meets authenticity and where each bag embodies the promise of a continuous journey towards perfection.