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Explore our collection of exquisite fragrances, a captivating olfactory symphony for every occasion. Sophisticated fragrances with floral, fruity and woody notes, our selection transports you into a sensory world where elegance and seduction intertwine.


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Perfumed Mist | Petal RomancePerfumed Mist | Petal Romance
Perfumed Mist | Pleasant BreezePerfumed Mist | Pleasant Breeze
Perfumed Mist | Pure SummerPerfumed Mist | Pure Summer
Perfumed Mist | Pink CutiePerfumed Mist | Pink Cutie
Perfumed Mist | Radiant SandPerfumed Mist | Radiant Sand
Perfumed Mist | Snowy Floral BurstPerfumed Mist | Snowy Floral Burst
Perfumed Mist | Sunset LushPerfumed Mist | Sunset Lush
Perfumed Mist | Royal SweetyPerfumed Mist | Royal Sweety
Body Lotion | Blooming Petals
Perfumed Mist | Tempting WildflowerPerfumed Mist | Tempting Wildflower