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Gallantry Mists

The scented mist is a very light scented spray that can be sprayed all over the body. The large spray gives the effect of an ultra fresh mist like small droplets. The scent being very light, you can reapply it as often as you wish during the day, as soon as you feel the need or feel a little hot.


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Perfumed Mist | Radiant SandPerfumed Mist | Radiant Sand
Perfumed Mist | Blooming PetalsPerfumed Mist | Blooming Petals
Perfumed Mist | Amazing RedPerfumed Mist | Amazing Red
Perfumed Mist | Sunset LushPerfumed Mist | Sunset Lush
Perfumed Mist | Garden CosmosPerfumed Mist | Garden Cosmos
Perfumed Mist | Pleasant BreezePerfumed Mist | Pleasant Breeze
Perfumed Mist | Royal SweetyPerfumed Mist | Royal Sweety
Perfumed Mist | Bliss BouquetPerfumed Mist | Bliss Bouquet
Perfumed Mist | Light HeartedPerfumed Mist | Light Hearted
Perfumed Mist | Snowy Floral BurstPerfumed Mist | Snowy Floral Burst
Perfumed Mist | Oud ElixirPerfumed Mist | Oud Elixir
Perfumed Mist | Mystery SeductionPerfumed Mist | Mystery Seduction
Perfumed Mist | Forbidden HarmonyPerfumed Mist | Forbidden Harmony
Perfumed Mist | Petal RomancePerfumed Mist | Petal Romance
Perfumed Mist | Pink CutiePerfumed Mist | Pink Cutie
Body Lotion | Blooming Petals
Perfumed Mist | Lovely DreamPerfumed Mist | Lovely Dream
Perfumed Mist | Fairy PartyPerfumed Mist | Fairy Party
Perfumed Mist | Cypress WavesPerfumed Mist | Cypress Waves
Perfumed Mist | Tempting WildflowerPerfumed Mist | Tempting Wildflower
Perfumed Mist | Delicate OasisPerfumed Mist | Delicate Oasis
Perfumed Mist | Pure SummerPerfumed Mist | Pure Summer