Gallantry Size Guide

Guide des Tailles Gallantry

In the quest for the ideal bag, size is one of the essential criteria.
At Gallantry, our range is available in three essential formats: Mini, Classic and Tote.

The Minis, little wonders, proof that size is not everything: Capable of holding your phone, keys, wallet and other essentials, these compact bags are real everyday allies. Don't be fooled by their modest appearance, the Mini reveals surprising versatility. The Mini Chic, in particular, promises freedom and movement thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap.

On the Classics side, the capacity is gaining momentum. Roomy enough to fit an iPad mini, phone, planner, keys, and more, these bags are reliable everyday companions. The Sérénité embodies flexibility and comfort with curves that adapt to all styles, from day to night.

Finally, the Cabas, dedicated to those who like to have everything within reach. The Cabas Élégance, for example, combines style and practicality in a single bag.

At Gallantry, we understand that size matters as much as style. Whether you're going for the Mini, the Classic or the Tote, find the bag that perfectly matches your aesthetic.