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Discover timeless elegance with Gallantry accessories, designed for the modern woman seeking to express her unique beauty. Each piece embodies the perfect fusion of sophistication and functionality, creating a touch of accessible luxury in everyday life.


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La Petite Muse™ (Marron)La Petite Muse™ (Marron)
La Petite Muse™ (Marron) Sale price25,00€
Le Petit Fidèle™Le Petit Fidèle™
Le Petit Fidèle™ Sale price25,00€
Vide-poche Vegan (Beige)Vide-poche Vegan (Beige)
Vide-poche Vegan (Beige) Sale price25,00€
Petit Copain™Petit Copain™
Petit Copain™ Sale price25,00€